Thoughts can Influence your Well-being

Unhealthy body signalises unhealthy mind. All situations that happen in our life are influenced by our own thoughts and actions. When we look deeper into our life situations and try to analyse them, we can find out the connection.
All our thoughts, words send a message to our consciousness that create certain actions.
We fatigue our body and mind by our tiring work with no breaks, not following the daily routine, having bad habits and the most importantly by negative, harmful thoughts that always stay in our mind.
If we constantly live full of negative thoughts, feelings and actions, we will not escape from negative situations and diseases in our life. Problems and diseases first appear in the subtle body, mind and just then go to the physical body.


In order to be healthy of course we have to live a healthy lifestyle. But in order to have a healthy body, we have to have a healthy mind first. If we constantly live in concerns or worries, have negative feelings or thoughts, we attract negativity into our life: usually illnesses or problems.
We get irritated, sad, angry, annoyed, disappointed, stressed and depressed after some things happen. Then we always keep thinking about that negativity, which always destroys us from our inside. All those negative emotions inside are just destroying our body and mind. And then we get some illnesses or problems.

Once the mind is too much pressed with negative feelings, it cannot handle anymore; it just cannot store any more feelings inside. It is like a balloon, if you blow it too much, it explodes. The same is with negative emotions in our mind, if we always keep bringing more and more emotions inside, it will just explode. Therefore, by exploding all what was stored for a long time inside, the body gets out of the vital energy. It gets weak, tired and then comes the illnesses.

In the beginning we might get illnesses in a soft form such as cold, flu, viruses, infections that would bring attention to us, that something is going wrong, signalling that we need to change something in our life.
If we ignore these symptoms of the soft form, it progress to a more serious form: chronic illnesses, cancer, inflammation and other serious illnesses.


Have a rest, stop overworking

During the busy day, when many things are happening, your mind is constantly on: this and that happened, what will need to do, how to do, when, why, with who, etc. Thousands of thoughts: how to solve something. Just like an engine cannot be on for a long time with no break otherwise it will overheat, the same with mind, it “overheats” when it is always on and there is no rest. Food, house, clothes are meant for our comfort, to keep us healthy but sometimes we forget and start working, spending all our energy to get those things as much as we can, in that way losing all our time and health.

Choose priorities

Sometimes we might want too many things and too many enjoyments; therefore we have to work more to get them all. We end up working the whole life that we could afford having a few seconds of enjoyment. Choose priorities what is more important in your life and decide a few things that you want the most but not a hundred in one go.

Engage in relaxing activities

Meditate, spend some time in the nature, engage in yoga or other sports, play music, draw or do any other activities you enjoy doing, that would calm you down, that you could express yourself and feel inner happiness.

Think positively

Whatever happens in your life happens for some reason and it teaches you something. You have to accept it as a lesson. There is no situation with no solution. When you are more positive about the situation, the right solution comes quicker to your mind.

Words reflect reality

If we always complain how bad life is, how bad we feel, how we do not like something, how it is unfair, that is what we think and that stimulates the actions to happen. It is always better to say something nice, positive or at least say nothing at all. We have to stop complaining if we want to have no more complains in our life. Better to calm down and do not let the bad words come out of your mind. Positive words bring positivity, negative – negativity. We choose the reality by choosing our words.

Take responsibility

All the situations that we have in our life, is because of our past thoughts or actions. For example, if you get ill, maybe because you were not following healthy lifestyle before or if you get a conflict, maybe because you were not behaving nice with a person. It is our responsibility and we should accept what comes to our life and nothing comes with no reason. Everything that happens is an important lesson for us to change something, improve and grow.

Free of worrying, trust in the Supreme

Nothing changes if we always worry. Instead of wasting the energy on worrying, we should think seriously about the situation and take an action, change what is possible. If nothing is possible to change by our own actions, then there is no even need to worry, anyways you cannot do anything. Instead of that, trust in the Supreme, stay positive and all the things will happen the way it has to happen.

Wish everyone happiness

By wishing everyone happiness we become more helpful, compassionate to others and less self-centered. We give others more love and we become less greedy. This purifies us and makes us calmer, as well as brings happiness to other people.

Free of negative emotions: anxiety, stress, etc.

It is proved that negative emotions such anger, irritability, anxiety, stress can reduce immune system, cause infections, depression and other health issues. All negative emotions that are stored inside us pollute our body. It is like pouring mud to the clear water, makes it dirty and never cleans by itself. To clean ourselves we need to improve our character which requires efforts. All what is negative inside us brings more negativity. So instead of becoming angry or irritated by situations you do not like, try to accept it and behave calmly by changing them to better. When we are humble, we can always react calmly to anything that happens.

Be confident and free of jealousy

Sometimes we feel that someone is better than us, we do not feel confident and we become jealous of something. You are unique and there is no one in this universe as special as you are, you have something that no one else has. Maybe you did not relieve that because you were always looking for something better in others. So start realising yourself, start improving your strengths, start loving yourself and finding your talent, expresses yourself and then you will be confident. When you are confident, happy about yourself, the jealousy simply disappears.

Be patient and calm

Be patient when you wait for something or you want quicker to get good results. Good things always come slowly and bad things sometimes too quickly. So be patient, make efforts, improve, and find an interesting activity while waiting, then the time will pass more interestingly,

Have a healthy lifestyle

By following daily routine, going to sleep before 22:00 and waking up before 6:00, eating healthy, fresh vegetarian/ vegan food, engaging in physical activities, abstaining from intoxications (e.g. alcohol, smoking, coffee) we strengthen our body. We increase our immune system and reduce a possibility of diseases to appear. The soul is in harmony only when our body and mind are in harmony.

We should control our thoughts and emotions, think more positively, calm and accept what happens in our life. We should make an action and change the situation and if we cannot, then we should accept it and live in peace. If we want to have a healthy body, first we have to have a healthy mind.

I wish You health and happiness,

Ieva Kurmyte