Our Thoughts and Words influence our Life

Our life is a reflection of our thoughts. What we have now: home, work, people around us, situations, before it was only thoughts. Firstly, they form certain actions which are later realised in life.


Word has a power only when it is expressed loudly but also what the person thinks and believes inside. The most important is what person thinks inside and what images he has in his consciousness. The power of a word lies in its image. When we do not have any bright, powerful images anymore, our life becomes pale, the words do not give any inspiration any more, we tell them with no enthusiasm.
Every single thought that we have has a meaning. It is necessary for something. We need to analyse and find out why specific thought is needed for. What my consciousness wants to tell me when realising that specific thought.
Through the word appears image. The image is related with senses and emotions which cause actions that manifest in life.

Word > Image > Senses, emotions > Actions > Life


There are creative and destructive thoughts. When we express love to someone, we send a nice, positive feeling which comes back to us later as happiness and success. When we offend someone, we send a destructive thought, which comes back to us as suffering and pain. Therefore when we have conflicts with people, we send a lot of destructive thoughts and in the consciousness level they harm others and us.
When we communicate with someone, try to look at the positive side and just ignore the negative one. When we are in harmony, then we are able to maintain harmony in the communication with others.


We store so many thoughts and images about the World in our mind which later come out as words. Sadly, many of them might be negative that destroy us from inside.
Think: what negative thoughts do you have in your mind or what negative words do you usually tell? For example: “the World is unfair, around me only bad people, competition, corruption, I do not have enough money, etc”. And then all those thoughts and words create the reality around us.
Once we suffered from something and now we constantly keep repeating it, not being able to escape from this negative environment.
Analyse why those thoughts, words always bother you, what happened, how can you change it. Try to change it with some positive thought. When we keep storing negative thought in our consciousness level, we hurt ourselves, get diseases and send negative wishes to the ones that we were thinking about.


Sometimes we do not even think what we have told about someone else. Simply by saying “Well, everyone has some fears” – we automatically create that possibility to exist in other people. We send a message to the surrounding World. By saying this, you wish everyone to have some fears in their lives not even thinking about this. Every single thought can have an influence.


When someone has aggression inside, the person starts swearing. By saying swear words, person pours out all the negative feelings, aggression to the surrounding World. This affects people around the person who is swearing. He/she sends all that aggression to others. Just like the smokes of the smoker affect people standing nearby. The smoker or the one who is swearing kills not only himself but also poisons the ones around him/her. Therefore try to talk nicely and avoid people who are constantly swearing.


Russian scientists, led by Pjotr Garjajev conducted an experiment. With a special device which strengthens the effect of words, they treated  Arabidopsis thaliana plant seeds. First they talked the curse, bad words to the seeds. The effect of those pronounced words was equivalent to 40 thousand X-ray irradiation. The structure of chromosomes and DNA chain broke down and genes intermixed. A lot of seeds died and the ones that survived, passed the mutation to their descendants. The experiment showed that not the force of the sound but the meaning of the words made an effect on the plants.
Next, they tried to do blessing prayer words on the same plants that were already affected by curse, negative words, that got the disorder of chromosomes, genes, DNA. Surprisingly, after the blessing prayer, the seeds sprouted and started to develop normally.
The research showed that words strongly affect the water structure and our bodies are composed of 70 – 80 % of water. The water molecule affected by words, structures in a specific way.
From the pictures below we can see that from the correct hexagonal shape, the water structure got totally disrupted to separate pieces after playing heavy music. And after arguing and bad emotions, the water crystal shape got very ugly, distorted and destroyed. Whereas after the blessing prayer words it became very nice and smooth and even nicer after the gratitude words.
Therefore, by pronouncing or listening negative, heavy words we create the destructive atmosphere around us and we harm ourselves. Whereas by listening to calm, positive words we avoid that and bring more harmony.

I wish You health and happiness,

Ieva Kurmyte


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