Healthy and Happy Life Following the Daily Routine

If you live correctly, follow certain times for certain activities such as sleeping, eating, working, you can reach health and happiness in your life and avoid many illnesses and problems. For example, if you do not sleep on time you have a risk of becoming mentally stressed, if you do not eat on time you might affect the work of digestion. If you cannot do all the things on time due to some circumstances, at least you should follow the time of sleeping and eating and the rest of it try to do as much as possible.
It is very important to follow the time that it is directed by moon and sun. The force of moon is responsible for our rest, sleeping and the force of Sun is responsible for our digestion and the use of our energy.


The morning is better for the spiritual practice, intellectual work, studying, learning, memorizing, self-improvement, solving problems. The mind thinks more effectively in the morning, it is easier to understand everything quickly.

4:00 – 6:00 h Waking up. The most important is to wake up is before 6:00 in the morning because the sun crosses the line of the horizon at that time and forces a person to be active. The earlier you wake up, the better it is.

First steps to do in the morning:

Wash your face, eyes. Rinse the mouth. Brush the teeth; clean tongue because after the night toxins accumulate on it.

It is very good to do soft exercise or yoga. It improves blood circulation, digestion, stretches the muscles.

Drink a glass or two of warm water with lemon. It helps digestion, balance pH levels, improves the immune system and clears the skin.

Eliminate body’s waste
After the soft exercise and water, it will help you to eliminate body’s waste products and empty the colon, bladder. It would be better if you do it in the morning otherwise the toxins will accumulate in your body. It is very important to eliminate body’s waste at least once a day, if that does not happen, you should check your eating habits.

In the morning it is good to have a shower with a bit cool water from the head down.

Breathing exercises (Pranayama)
Do 10 – 15 min pranayama, breathing exercises. It helps to eliminate the carbon dioxide and receive more oxygen. It improves blood circulation, heart work, functioning of the body organs and mental health.

Morning is a good time to engage in a spiritual practice: praying, meditation for at least 15 – 30 min. The ones who do not believe in God, can sincerely wish everyone happiness by repeating: “I wish everyone happiness” without interruption.

6:00 – 7:00 h Breakfast. The latest time is until 8:00. The sun rises up over the horizon and at this time a vital energy starts to move around. The best is light, sweet breakfast such as fruits, berries, nuts, smoothies, buckwheat, sweet porridge.

6:00 – 12:00 h Learning, memorizing, active sport. Morning is the best time for learning, memorizing, thinking logically, working with statistics, information, documents, studying literature. A mind works three times faster in the morning, especially before 6:00 h than in the evening, it is easier to memorise, everything will be well stored into your long-term memory. Morning is also good time for active exercise.

Every 40 – 50 min of studying, intellectual work, you should take a few minutes break. You can do short exercise, relax and close eyes, do breathing exercise, go for a walk in a fresh air. After a small break the mind will work more effectively.


The afternoon is in the energy of sun which is meant for active physical or mental work.

11:00 – 12:00 h Lunch time. The latest time is until 14:00. It is the biggest meal of the day.
The best is when food is vegetarian or vegan, fresh and home-made food (vegetables, grains, legumes).

12:00 – 18:00 h Active work. It can be physical or mental work. It is meant for accomplishing our responsibilities and duties for the society.


Evening is in the energy of moon, which is calmness. Therefore you should do calm activities in order to calm down your mind before sleeping.

18:00 h Finishing the work. Finish all the intensive work and have a shower of the preferred temperature when you come back home or before going to sleep.
Calm down, spend time with close people, listen something interesting, pleasant, lectures, read literature, engage in music that calms you down. It is also good time to do some smooth and calm exercises for relaxation.

It is better to avoid watching TV or using other technological devices before sleeping because it is hard to get rid of the imagery and might stick in the head for the night as intense dreams. Avoid drinking coffee, strong drinks or eating before sleeping.

If need to do some work after 18:00 it should be less intense.
If you work till late, a strong mental tension might arise in you; the body does not get enough rest and starts getting health issues.
The sun is setting; it means the active energy of the body is decreasing. Not calming down in the evening will fatigue the organism. Doing a heavy intellectual work in the evening, mind starts to be overworked, the sleep will be disturbed and might develop chronic illnesses, drop of the physical and mental tone.
All the information that was gathered through the day will be saved only if the mind is relaxed in the evening.

18:00 – 19:00 h Dinner. The latest time is until 20:00. It should be lighter than lunch. Mostly vegetables; avoid grain, legume, root vegetables based food because they need sun’s energy to be fully digested. Go for a short walk in order to digest better.

21:00 – 22:00 h Going to sleep. The latest time is until 23:00.
The rational mind can rest only if sleeping from 21:00. The force of moon charges our organism with mental energy. At 21:00 the force of the Moon starts working therefore it is important to start resting from that time.
6 – 7 hours for sleeping for adult is sufficient amount, however consider your physical, mental activities and health conditions.

Sometimes it might be difficult to follow the correct daily routine; however when you understand the importance of time and have a desire to follow it, eventually you get an opportunity to do it.
First you have to have enthusiasm to learn new things, first learn the information and then practice it for a few weeks at least and you will see the results. Also, remember to consider your physical, mental activities, situations and health conditions when applying the daily routine.

I wish You health and happiness,

Ieva Kurmyte


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