Steps to Choose your Career Pathway

There are three main steps to choose your career pathway. First is to discover yourself, then decide and finally enact. When you make efforts and try to reach your goal, you will always succeed; it is only the matter of time. When we work what we like, what we are good at and help society by our work then we express Read More

How to Set Goals?

WHAT ARE GOALS? Goals are mental representations of desired outcomes to which people are committed. Goals direct attention and effort away from goal-irrelevant activities and toward goal-relevant activities. Also, goals have an energizing function. Hard goals prolong effort and enhance persistence (LaPorte & Nath, 1976). Goals affect action indirectly by leading to the arousal, discovery, and/or use of task-relevant knowledge Read More

What are the Effective Ways to Change Habits?

Habits are powerful factors in our life. They are often unconscious, consistent, express our character and values. We can learn new habits and unlearn the old ones. Usually we want to change bad habits such as drinking, smoking, unhealthy eating and learn positive ones such as healthy lifestyle. Stephen Covey states that in order to make something a habit in Read More

Thoughts can Influence your Well-being

Unhealthy body signalises unhealthy mind. All situations that happen in our life are influenced by our own thoughts and actions. When we look deeper into our life situations and try to analyse them, we can find out the connection. All our thoughts, words send a message to our consciousness that create certain actions. We fatigue our body and mind by Read More

Our Thoughts and Words influence our Life

Our life is a reflection of our thoughts. What we have now: home, work, people around us, situations, before it was only thoughts. Firstly, they form certain actions which are later realised in life. ​ THE POWER OF THOUGHTS AND WORDS Word has a power only when it is expressed loudly but also what the person thinks and believes inside. Read More

Effective Ways to Prevent and Overcome Stress (I Part)

Stress appears when we do something wrong in our life. Avoid, adapt or accept the stressor when you cannot change it. In order to accept your situation, you need self-improvement and inner strength. There are many effective ways how to prevent or reduce stress in your life, such as mindfulness, healthy lifestyle, meditation, etc. Practice mindfulness Mindfulness is keeping one’s complete Read More

Healthy and Happy Life Following the Daily Routine

If you live correctly, follow certain times for certain activities such as sleeping, eating, working, you can reach health and happiness in your life and avoid many illnesses and problems. For example, if you do not sleep on time you have a risk of becoming mentally stressed, if you do not eat on time you might affect the work of Read More

The Best Waking up Time to be Healthy

The best time to wake up in order to be healthy is before 6:00 h in the morning. At 6:00 h the sun crosses the line of horizon and makes a person to feel active, therefore the depth of sleep slowly decreases. Energy starts to move in the body and person’s mind cannot rest anymore. The longer a person keeps sleeping, the Read More

The Best Sleeping Time to be Healthy

The best time for sleeping is from 21:00 – 22:00 until 6:00 the latest, in order to rest fully and be healthy. In all cases, going to sleep after 22:00 is harmful to a mental and physical health. The mind does not rest and that is linked with negative feelings and health issues. Sleep is charging the organism and the Read More